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July 31, 2005

Alison Brown and Colin Linden in one day...

Just returned from the Jasper Folk Festival. Whao Nelly. It was intense. My favorite day was Saturday when I got to play a finger picking workshop with Alison Brown, Jeruselum Ridge, and Colin Linden!!!! We did a very bluegrassy version of "Walking Home Lately" that rocked my world. I had a fever and serious nasal drip but it all worked out in the end. Alison Brown is like the GODDESS of banjo! Check out her site at www.alisonbrown.net. Very inspirational.
Okay, i am ill and it hurts to sit up. Must go and lie down now. Very rocked!

July 28, 2005

July 29-30, 2005

Jasper Folk Festival
Jasper, Alberta

July 27, 2005

Load off the Shoulders...

Had a really intense day of retail. And you know what? I only have one left! So happy. Then it is MUSIC and NOTHING BUT MUSIC, oh and farming. I am the happiest girl alive right now. Thank you so much Marcel for helping me along on my quest to play good music and on a new level. Only 40 something sleeps until I make my new album. I am taking the month of August to find a place where my cell phone doesn't work and my computer won't get internet, and then I am going to write and use MY brain and not the brain of Ms. Apple.
I have most of the music written. Now I just have to write honest lyrics. I gotsta pull it from the ovaries.

July 24, 2005

Canmore and Elephant Ears

It's Sunday. Painting Daisies had a fairly cool gig in Canmore on Friday night. Drunk Englishmen, foul mouthed fishermen, and a mix of sweet locals. The second hand smoke really made me feel at home, as did the free popcorn. Carolyn played the show as well and had a bit of a tough time with juggling baby and bass.
We drove back early so that we could catch Lori-Ann Muenzer's documentary presentation at the Provincial Museum. It was inspirational and made me want to train for the Trans Rockies again. I gave her a CD and a hug.
Then it was off to the Klondike Days for the very first time. Whoa...over stimulation! The best was the Haunted House...$5 for a 15 second loop through the worst haunted house I have ever been in. Daisy was our tour guide and I was the food guide. Elephant Ears for everyone. I have never eaten so much deep fried dough in my life! The ferris wheel was my highlight. Good times.
Now it is time to get my yah yahs out in river valley. Joby snapped my chain with his powerful manstroke so now i must use my farm skills to apply a new one. The trails are awaiting. Tomorrow we play the Epcor stage so come out and watch the rock!

July 15, 2005

September 10,11 2005

Wayne, Alberta

September 10,11 2005

Wayne, Alberta

July 14, 2005

Edmonton Journal- June 8, 2005

"Coping with rock world on women's terms" by Peter North

Why waste a perfectly good night of insomnia on infomercials or tepid reruns when you can use that unscheduled time to let creative juices flow uninterrupted?
That's exactly how local roots-rocker Rachelle van Zanten spent a few hours in the middles of a restless winter's night.
The idea that came to her in lightening bolt fashion was to organize a week's worth of seminars, lectures and workshops that would educate young women on the do's and dont's in the world of rock music....
Workshops on singing and playing techniques, booking and producing shows, and how to find the right manager or agent are a few of the structured sessions in the camp that will run July 4 through the 8...
"We want to touch on all aspects of the music business that took me 20 years to learn (I am only 28!), "quipped the guitarist, singer and songwriter...

"Drowning Man"

I have been listening to Anne Schaefer's "12 Easy Pieces" for the last two days straight. "He had a ten ton monkey on his back..." My favorite song is called Drowning Man. If you need new music that will rock you into a toxic state of lullaby goodness, check out this record.
I have no students today so i must do lots of writing. I am trying to get inspired and finish all me new stuff for September. Oh, and the new PD CD came out today. YAY! Joby Baker, you are incredible as a producer! Scheisse Manelli!

July 10, 2005

Rocker Girl Camp is over...

Hmmm. Let's see. Today I did nothing! I am in a state of confusion. To go from full on 9-6 action of Rocker Mania to domestic household chores is hard on the mind. I also miss my new family. The Bakers were living with me for a week and i cherished having a family again. So empty now. Girls...if you are out there, can you email me please? Tell me how you are doing.
Okay. I just broke my cochlea while listening to Dolly Parton and now my ear hurts. Gotsta go. Anne... I miss you.

July 4, 2005

July 4-8, 2005

Rockergirl Camp
Edmonton, AB
For girls who wanna rock!
Sessions run by Rachelle plus many special guests!

July 2, 2005

Hoegaarden in my legs...

Heavy, slow, contemplative... I love Hoegaarden. It reminds me of my time spent in Holland and Belgium. Lots of second hand smoke, drunk bumchucks, and cold rides through the countryside on my faithful bike. I will be heading back shortly. Why? To play music for a different audience. To heighten my craft. To run away from the prairies on Alberta for awhile.
I spent the day organizing and cleaning out my disgusting room. Yuck! I suck! My producer and his fam are coming to stay with me for a week during Rockergirl Camp. I am really excited to be the hostess with the mostess for awhile. I am hoping for some late night jams and buffalo burgers.

July 1, 2005

See Magazine- June 9, 2005

Rock Around the Clock- by Tom Murray
"Little sisters are doing it for themselves, with a helping hand from their big sisters. Local singer, songwriter, and slide guitarist Rachelle van Zanten is preparing for the first season of Rocker Girl Camp, a four day intensive workshop for young girls interested in playing music..."
full story

Canada Day in my bed

It is Canada Day and many people are ecstatic about the festivities about to unfold. I believe our fine city has live music, fireworks, street performers, among other things. I am in my pajamas and am so excited to do NOTHING. I have been running like a mad woman for days, organizing, paying bills, getting gear. And today I do nothing except I am starting to realize that I need to clean my place. Crustaceans are appearing from every corner these days. And I played my guitar for the first time in a week. No good. Bad.
Canada Council denied my funding for the solo record so I was really sad yesterday. But no worries. I am looking elsewhere. I am keeping my chin up. No probs. They said that my grant was denied because of lack of funding. Scheisse. So now I must find investors. Ah the investor.

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