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Rachelle Van Zanten

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September 29, 2005

Suicide Ride in the Perverbial Pocket

My belly is full. Chocolate and cuppaccino. We are comping Suicide Ride and it sounds sooooo HUGE! It rained hard today and my door fell off again downtown. All the rain ran in and soaked my bed. I was sad and grumpy. Lack of sleep and finances. But now I am better. I have faith it will be okay. Joby said he thought my playing was killer today so that made me feel better. Only 4 more hours and then I can dream.

September 22, 2005

Rick May is the Bomb.

I am sitting beside Rick as he lays down his bass line for "Suicide Ride". SCHEISSE! It sounds sooooo good! Thick like molasses. Sweet like honey. You will all really enjoy his flavors. This morning me and my adopted family, The Bakers and Annabelle, went to Cafe Fantistico for exotic coffee and good bread. The west coast has a beautiful vibe. I feel at home almost. Just need to get a shower routine down...no comment.
Last night I played engineer and Anne Schaefer and I laid down her new tune just for the fun of it. I LOVE PROTOOLS! It is much harder than little ole Garage Band but I love the challenge and Joby is a great teacher. Okay, need to mail off my Germany package. THANKYOU MR. SHAFTO for the AMAZING PHOTOS! Du bist ein Susshertz.

September 19, 2005

3 am Bedtime

It was 3 am and now it's not. Yesterday was a super cool day in the studio. Listened to CUB after doing threee WICKED drum takes. I love Joby. He is such a great guy to work with. So I couldn't help but bring out some old CUB so that he could hear "Satan sucks but you're best".

September 16, 2005

Day 2 1/2 in Studio

I am slowly trying to figure out my new life routine. I am in the studio with Joby and we have laid down 7 guides and are currently recording drums to "Got to Let Go". We are using this sexy Gretsch kit that is modelled after John Bonham's Lugwig. My van isn't doing so well. After the door fell off, Anne Schaefer and I took it to Thetis Lake to go swimming and we got carbon monoxide poisoning. I guess the muffler rusted abit and the fumes now come in through the window. So our swim sucked literally. I have new exciting pics for all of you. They will be up soon.

September 14, 2005

September 14-October 18

In the Studio
Victoria, B.C.

My Door Fell Off

So I drove a million miles to make it to the studio. Through wind and rain "Big Muff" kept going. I took my last corner and turned into the Baker's driveway and BOOM, the door fell off. No worries though...Joby zap strapped it back on and all is well. My last sleep until I go into the the studio. Very excited.

September 11, 2005

Gord Saved my Life

I was driving my '81 Dodge van to my Painting Daisies' CD Release Party and this guy Gord noticed my van was hissing and propane was leaking out. I could have blown but didn't. I played my show and now i am soooo close to being at the coast. Just stopped for a coffee at Beamer's in Canmore, AB. The mountains are calming my nerves a little. just said goodbye to Alberta. It was sad. I will be a B.C. girl for awhile.

September 10, 2005

September 10,11 2005

Wayne, Alberta

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