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Rachelle Van Zanten

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October 28, 2005

CD is Done.

I am sitting here in this little house, listening to "Wonderland" and wondering what shall happen with my day. John Cartwright is a phenominal musician, man, writer who resides in France. His new song "Wonderland" is my morning song.
The record is done. It is mixed and now I need to listen to it over and over and think of the most perfect artwork. it will happen. Today I am getting presskits together for Europe. It's time to catch the big bird again as my gypsy fever is swimming.
Last night was a huge storm and I was drawn to the beach to see the carnage. But low and behold, it is a beautiful, yummy sunny day today. Love to all. "Living in a Wonderland".

See Magazine- September 20, 2005

"...punishing slide guitar that would make Jimmy Page blush..."

October 23, 2005

October 23

The Garage Showroom
201-330 Duncan St.
Duncan, B.C.
(250) 748-7246
w/ Anne Schaefer

October 18, 2005

Almost Done!

Joby is currently mixing "January". It is a last minute surprise song dedicated to my sweetest friend in the whole world, Chris Martin. He rocks, rolls, and hoochicoos. It rained big time today and made me feel soggy and cold. Got just under half the record mixed. Have the most amazing gear to make this album sound huge. Lots of vintage strips, mics, compressors, ect. Kevin Fox just left after spending 3 days recording the most mind blowing cello arrangments. He is a wonderful human being...kind, talented beyond belief, a true gem. If my writing sounds abit odd, it's cuz my sond is blasting really LOUD! Joby is borrowing $4000 Dynoaudio monitors to mix my record and it is a true audio experience. Lucky ducky...
Haven't slept much in the last little while. Will try again tonight.

October 11, 2005

October 11

308 Catherine Street
Victoria, B.C.
Taproom: (250) 384-6613

October 10, 2005

Hammond B3 Stresses me Out!

Was up until 4 am playing Monopoly with good company. I went bankrupt at about 3:50 am and was super grumpy because I have consecutively lost at most games since September 12th. So anyhow, I went to sleep only to be licked in the face by two dogs at 7:30 am and to be called by my mom at 8:30 am. And now I am doing Hammond B3 parts which is similar to flying a DC3. I am grumpy again but it is only a state of mind and I know I have the power to change it and will just as soon as I drink my tea. Joby is being a good sport and is checking in on me periodically through the intercom to see if I am about to lose it completely. He is used to alot and I think today is all good and that if every day smelled like roses, the music would be crap. Today is edgy Hammond. Will I hit the right note? Dunno.
It is a yummy sunny day today. I am going to ride my bike and work off my turkey.

October 2, 2005

Day Off.

It is a tempesty day. I am off today. Had a rehearsal with my for fun band , Chinny Bunny. Melody plays mandolin, Felicity is on the piano, and I play whatever is available. I am supposed to be finishing my song but am procrastinating. Theresa is moving shite around and has informed me that she is pooped and she has a little bit of a sore throat and her finger is sore from playing bass guitar. Whaa whaa. Justin is over and is working our Apples. My apple is loving it.

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