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Rachelle Van Zanten

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November 29, 2005

Canned Heat, Snow, No Go

Groovin to "Canned Heat" somewhere in Vancouver. I am supposed to be on the road heading north but it is snowing like a banchee and I don't want to die. Tomorrow is gonna be nice. I can feel it.
The show at the Media Club was wunderbar. Thanks so much for coming Bruno, Dave, ummm Andrea, Jen, Kelly, Scott, and I can't remember who else. It felt solid. Ann Vriend was spectacular as usual. She never ceases to amaze me. I think we are going to head out to New York next fall on a Beaver Fever tour. Fun times. Thank you staff at the media Club for making my stay so pleasant. I am now sitting amongst Burlesque apparel and knitting my mother her Christmas present. Almost done. Big Muff is running well. No skips. A few stalls but nothing I can't handle. People like to honk a lot in Vancouver. I just honk back. Alright, going to find my can of sardines now. Oooh, maybe I will find some crackers too. Ooh and an apple. Life is good. I love the road.

November 28, 2005

November 28

The Media Club
695 Cambie St.
Vancouver, B.C.
7:15 pm show, $8 @ door
w/ Ann Vriend

November 26, 2005

November 26, 27

Rocker Girl Weekend Edition
Victoria, B.C.

November 25, 2005


Canada's Independent Music Culture

November 24, 2005

Times Colonist- November 24, 2005

"She's a die hard rocker who admires the gut-thudding crunch of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Two years ago her song, Walking Home Lately, topped 4,000 other entries to win CBC's Great Canadian Music Dream contest." by Adrian Chamberlain full story

November 21, 2005

November 21

A Channel- Morning Show
Victoria, B.C.

November 20, 2005

November 20

CFUV Radio
University of Victoria
6 pm

November 19, 2005

Mick Glossop, Fire Sides, Cono Sur

It has been a wonderful week. What defines a wonderful week for me? Got beaucoup de work done, met more beautiful people, experienced the landscapes of the west coast, listened to some great tunes, and got my CO leak in the van fixed. Yes, this week I had the privelidge of hanging out with Mick Glossop, UK producer for van Morrison, The London Suede, and many other greats. He appreciates good frequencies, big kick drums, Iron Butterfly, and can tolerate "Middle of the Road" music. He is at Baker Studios making a record with Joby for Jeremy Walsh. So, it was good timing to find the Chilean organic Cabernet Savignon "Cono Sur". It was the first choice ever picked by me to be approved by Joby. No more $6.99 Ben Venuto. Good times.
And yesterday was hike day out at Thetis Lake. It is amazing what a person misses when running the route. I brought the dogs yesterday and slowed the pace to match the 11 year old Husky. Suddenly details... moss, mushrooms, large cedars, firs, ducks. I need to chill out. Thanks Koho.
Today is Saturday. I am in charge of a rock and roll birthday party for an 11 year old bass guitar prodigy. Must find lights and a disco ball.
Mom called yesterday and put the phone to the radio...."walking home lately" was blasting super loud through her $2.99 special. Thanks BVLD Radio for being so faithful. Wait til you hear the new records! Rrrrrr. "Phonography is sexy.

November 16, 2005

Big Muff Goes to the Doctor

Just got the call. Big Muff's exhaust system is totally rotted to the maximum. That's why the CO poisoning. So new muffler, brakes, cables, blabla bla. I am still debating whether she can stand the tour across Canada. Me thinks no. What is the best vehicle for touring these days? With gas priced soaring, i am thinking go solo and rent a mini. Scheisse.
So Germany is looking good. i must now brush up on my Deutsch. Entschuldigung mein Herr...Wo ist der Bahnhof?
Did a full day of mailouts, mental rehearsing, rediscovering "Iron Butterfly" and "Canned Heat", knitting a scarf for my mother, driving the dogs to the beach, and emailing industry people. Got a $100 ticket for walking dogs off leash in an on leash zone. Cried in front of an officer and stated that I was from Barcelona.

November 15, 2005

November 8

308 Catherine Street
Victoria, B.C.
Taproom: (250) 384-6613

November 12, 2005

Learning How to Knit

Today is a very exciting day. I am taking a trip to the wool shop to find the perfect colors to make a scarf. I attempted the art of knitting once back in grade 7 and managed to produce my father a scarf 30 cm long. He used it to warm his neck while heading out into the bush...once. So this time I am aiming for new lengths.
It is a brisk, fall day here in Victoria. I am going to a craft sale today that is raising money for homeless cats. Maybe I will find some of those no bake cookies that I love so much. Okay, that's the update...

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