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Rachelle Van Zanten

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January 22, 2006

Mark Sterling and friends...

Thanks to the generosity of my good compadre, Chantal Vitalis, i was able to transport myself to the show in Cochrane, Ab. Not really knowing how to get there, i used my touring feelers to get to the legendary Cochrane Ranchhouse. Not really knowing what to expect, I unloaded my faithful guitars and walked on in. I could hear sweet guitar complimented by a tasty bass groove and some harmonica. Mark Sterling, Crawdad, and Ron Rault along with guest John Rutherford were testing the waves of the rather large ballroom style venue. I then spotted the producer of the show, Peter North, who then informed me it was a sold out show. Most excellent.
Cochrane is a growing town just west of Calgary and sports a most excellent view of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to the Cochrane Folk Club, they get amazing music throughout the year.
After scarfing down a BP dinner, I took a chance and changed a couple of my strings before the show. I was suffering from a bad hair day and usually i couldn't care less but today was sold out. It had to look good. finally I was satisfied with my butterfly clip and grade 12 hairstyle (sells records) and warmed the fingers up.
The show was great. The crowd was silent while i delivered my most bluesiest tunes and really got into each song. A real treat. I suddenly realized how fortunate I was to have 5 GREAT shows in a row. The planets are in alignment for now. Enjoy. RIde the wave.
Got to jam with the band for the encore. The last song was "Goodnight Irene". Thanks to my fam, I knew all the words. Yes.
Now I am in transit once again. I know where all the Hotspot's are from Calgary to Prince George. Back to the grind before I head to Austin to rock out and check out the bats. The famous bats.

January 21, 2006

January 21, 2006

"Come in my Kitchen"
Cochrane Ranche House
Cochrane, AB
(403) 932-2878
opening for Mark Sterling

January 20, 2006

Hootenannay Rocked My world!

The Hootenaney was fab! Full house. Great hats. Great music. I had so much fun! Got to hear Luther Wright who rocked my world. Lester played "Home on the Range" and the whole house was shakin'. I got to wear my favorite skirt and sparkly shirt and play my National Guitar. Uncle Thirsty (Lance loree) came all the way from Nanton and wowed the crowd with his pedal steel. Carolyn Mark was the best Hooten Host ever! Played drums with Dave Clark (Rheostatics). He is a fabulous man to work with as well. Soooo much fun.

January 19, 2006

January 18,19, 20 2006

The Shrine of Impossible Love
2006 High Performance Rodeo
Big Secret Theatre
Calgary, AB
Also appearing: Lester Quitzau, Kris Demeanor, Chantal Vitalis, Peter Moller, Dave Clarke, Diane Kooch, and many more...

January 17, 2006

Cowtown with Wonderful People

I am staying in a beautiful hotel with talented and wonderful people. It is a nice change from my gruelling work that I have been endearing for the last 2 months. Love you dad but... I have 5 pillows on my bed and a most excellent room mate, Miss Carolyn Mark. We are rehearsing for our shows this week for the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary. The rehearsals are long but super engaging and the best part is I get to play drums on two songs! OMGah! I am playing with some high caliber musicians from all over Canada and it is reminding me of why I am in music. I have 3 shows coming up and then I make my way to Cochrane, AB to play a theatre show with Mark Sterling and friends. Must ride this high cuz it will take me to the next trip which is in Austin and then Holland. OH my gah. By the way mom, this is not blasphemy because I am saying Gah and in the religion of Gah you can say whatever you want. I love you and keep the home fires burning.

Baker Studios

The studio where her latest album was recorded.

January 4, 2006


I am back at the farm and my dog is sleeping at my feet, so thankful that I made it home...I think. He may just like the smell of my feet. It snowed 2 inches and that means it is time to wax up the skiis.
Now it is back to serious music business. I am currently writing grants for my showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX. Theresa and I are going to cause some trouble. And I have Mr. Shafto on board for the weekend to get the photography done for the album. I am thinking "LAdy of Shalot" kinda thing. it is cold here so swimming will be a tough option. Although people went swimming on New Years. Okay, I received Cafe Fantastico coffee beans in the mail and I am now completely high from freshly roasted beans. i am so used to my dad's brew of year old store stash. Dad, I love you but you gotsa try this stuff.

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