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February 24, 2006

February 24, 2006

The Sidetrack Cafe
10333-112 Street
Edmonton, AB
4-6 pm show with Mike McDonald, Terry Morrison, Captain Tractor, and Rachelle
Live Broadcast to CBC Radio. Hosted by Peter Brown

February 23, 2006

February 23, 2006

The Main
4210 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
w/ Tamara Nile

February 22, 2006

The Van Made It- Vancouver, B.C.

13 hours of straight driving. I was seeing double and at one point had to make a fast stop on dirt road to relieve my bladder. By fast I mean 100 km to 0 km in 5 seconds with a '81 Dodge Camper van. Not the slickest machine for the manoever. The sound of the engine during this long haul gave me hope that Big Muff may just be the auto of choice to take me across this wide spread country. Yes, I made the 1000+ km drive to arrive in west van and enjoy a hot tub overlooking the ocean. What a treat. Now I am taking in the urban life while keeping a close eye on my van containing literally my life. Okay, my life is within me and cannot be stolen however, should anyone steal my vintage decanter or special steering wheel cozy, my life should crumble for at least 2 hours. I want to now take the time to thank my dad for changing my oil and my mom for packing me the wonderful lunch. I also want to thank the 100s of truck drivers who stayed on their sides of the highway while I wound down through the Fraser Canyon. I am now preparing for my CBC show in Edmonton and my Main show in Vancouver. I am also on the lookout for raw tuna.

February 17, 2006

Big Muff Purring Like a Kitten

My days in the northern bush are through. I fired up BiG Muff, my faithful 1981 touring dream van and took her for a test run. Along side of me, co-pilots Eddie and Barko. Signal lights worked, no skipping in the motor, no blue fumes from the muffler, wipers on time, looking good. I head out to the west coast early next week. The forecast is calling for snow and lots of it so I am hoping Big Muff stays smooth. My first show is in Vancouver at the Main on thursday. I then get up super early and fly to Edmonton for a show at The Sidetrack Cafe. It will be airing on CBC the following evening. Then it's back to Vancouver to watch Kinnie Starr! What a weekend. More news to follow. Must go and peel potatoes.

February 16, 2006

New Music Canada

CBC's Radio III brings new Canadian artists to the rest of the globe. Check out 4 NEW songs from Rachelle's 2006 release.

February 9, 2006

My Saddle Horse Has Died

She was born in 1981 in Whitecourt, AB and was named “Nevada Top Deck” to coincide with her racing lineage. She raced as a 2 and 3 year old and then was retired to become a brood mare and ranch horse. Somehow she made her way north and ended up in Telkwa, B.C. on the LeCleir Ranch. I was 14 years old and looking for a horse to take up jumping and dressage. We were united and she came home to live on the van Zanten Ranch. We became best friends and spent endless hours racing through the forests and fields as fast as her racing legs would take us. Our bond was strong as we were both alpha females and could relate to each others desire to always run the hills and to be in the front of the pack. In the summers we would swim in the frigid waters of Francois Lake and in the winters we would pull sleds full of kids up and down the driveway. She never complained. We went through 4-H together and I took endless lessons and workshops on horsemanship and showmanship. I received several concussions and broken bones. I gained much wisdom. I covered much ground. It is truly amazing how well you can grow to know your horse.
I spent the last 24 hours with her as she writhed in pain from a twisted gut, now 25 years old with a grey moustache and sunken holes above her eyes. It was so frustrating to watch her deteriorate so quickly and yet give her best fight. The vet came at 10 pm last night and checked her heart rate- 100 bpm. A normal heart rate is 42. The vet thought she would be dead by morning but she wasn’t. By 8am she was still hanging in there but was showing signs of great suffering. She is now gone and I am greatly saddened but knew this day would come. It has come several times before with my other animals and hurts just as much every time. I want to thank my horse for teaching me kindness, patience, responsibility, integrity, and so much more. And thank you to all of my neighbors for their support over the last day- Jocelyn, Mike, Caroline, and Linda.

February 6, 2006

The Canada Council for the Arts

The supported Rachelle and made it possible for her to record her latest album. Thank you!

Snow and Lots of It.

It's everywhere. I was craving a good dose of it and it came. There is at least 2 feet of snow on the trails which makes it quite challenging to do the 2 hour snowshoe loop with my fat dogs.
I am totally absorbed with music business. I am on my computer and phone for 60% or more of the day, trying to get shows booked and opportunity flowing. So far so good but I wish I had more time for my guitar. Maybe in a couple years I will. It is like a full time job for sure.
Spent a few hours last night listening to Bonnie Raitt's Itunes Release. It is really great, especially the more raw stuff. She was discovered in a bar in LA. Her life story is amongst all the tunes. It relit the fire within that often gets snuffed out by the everyday sell sell sell job.
Chantal Vitalis and I are planning on spending June in southern Ontario and surrounding metropoli. I look forward to playing with her. She has ALOT of chops and really great tunes.
I saw a Smither's man, Mark Perry, perform on Saturday. He reminded me of B.C.'s "Corb Lund". His songs tell stories about the north that all the people my dad's age and older can completely relate to. All the old sites, roads, lakes, hotels. He knows them. I was inspired. Our area is lucky to have him....a traveling minstrel for the northwest.

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