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Rachelle Van Zanten

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March 31, 2006

KindaMuzik- Modern Muziekblad (Netherlands)- March 27, 2006

"...Intussen schuift de ene na de andere act voorbij in Headhunters. Po’Girl overtuigt, maar de Meat Purveyors zijn pas echt een feest om te zien. Ten slotte valt Rachelle van Zanten op. Ze oogt als een singer/songwriter, maar op het podium haalt ze de gemeenste klanken uit haar slidegitaar. Erg indrukwekkend."
"...Meanwhile one after the other act comes by in Headhunters. PoGirl is convincing, but the Meat Purveyors are a real feast to look at. At the end Rachelle van Zanten stands out. She looks like a singer/songwriter, but on stage she produces the meanest sounds out of her slide guitar. Very
" (tekst: Maurice Dielemans, Han Orsel en Ronald Besemer en SXSW 2006)
full story

March 30, 2006

The Globe and Mail- March 2006

In Pictures- Check it out here.

Steamers...what pressure!

Opened last night for DB Clifford. On the bass, Rick May, and on the drums, Joby Baker. It was such a great show. I LOVE those guys. They are my favorite rhythm section in the world. So we played new songs off the record and a couple oldies from the Painting Daisies latest release. In the audience were some of my closest friends, my family, my fans, and record company A&Rs. So I played my ass off and so did my band mates. Thanks guys for that.
Justin Hewitt opened the night with his sweet voice and great rhythm guitar. On drums...Al. Both great performers and players. DB CLifford was AWESOME as well! Great songs and great groove.
Afterwards we all went to Denny's and discussed life beyond 3 am.

March 29, 2006

March 29, 2006

570 Yates Street
Victoria, B.C.
w/ DB Clifford
Rick May on bass & Joby Baker on drums!!

March 27, 2006

Red Cat News (Vancouver Record Store)- March 26, 2006

SXSW- "This Hootenanny attracted pretty much every Canadian with a twang to their music or a
train song in their heart (and some who just wanted to rock). Po'Girl, Christine Fellows, Luke Doucet, Novillero, Leeroy Stagger, SarahHarmer, The Leather Uppers, Run Chico Run... but there were more,
lots more.The Hootenanny also featured my single favourite moment of SXSW. Now before I go further, I want to say I saw a lot of good stuff, but in pretty much every case, I knew what to expect, and got what I was expecting. In this case, I was taken by surprise. Rachelle Van Zanten hails from Whitehorse or Dawson City or somewhere like that, and when I saw this pretty girl get up on stage with her acoustic guitar and her hippie dress and her washed in rainwater complexion, well, let's just
say I was expecting something very specific. What I got was some of the wickedest, balls to the wall, slide guitar rock its ever been my pleasure to hear. I was dumbfounded."

March 25, 2006

The Dallas (TX) Observer- March 23, 2006

"Out of the hungry masses, a few relative unknowns made amazing impressions through the week that might turn anything into profit sometime soon...Plenty of great up-and-comers deserve mention; some we saw (Elliott Brood, Rachelle van Zanten, Peter and the Wolf, Aloha, Phosphorescent, Dr. Dog), many we didn't (Serena Maneesh, Envelopes)." My SXSW (Austin, Texas)- By Sam Machkovech

March 24, 2006

Cowtown or Bust...

Actually I am in Victoria with a stuffed up nose. I am doing the Sam Graci "Transform" overload technique so that I can rock on wednesday. Calgary was a blast. Great sound and great people at the Engineered Air Theatre. I got a sore throat right before playing but after sucking back 5 throat drops, was able to belt out my notes. Thank you Georgelaine for the tuna, cough drops, and other healing agents. You saved the show! Heather Blush blew my mind. What a voice and what a great guitar player! She is Rick Fines niece and even though they are at seperate corners of the country, their playing styles are so similar. Detail...it's all about the detail. I enjoyed late night pizza with a good friend from the old Painting Daisies' days and then caught a few hours of sleep before flying away on a big jet plane. I need flight cases and badly. My guitars are lucky to still be alive. I will put the feelers out there.

March 22, 2006

March 22, 2006

Epcor Centre for the Arts
205 8th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB
"The Alberta Sessions w/ Ronnie Hayward, Heather Blush and Luis Emilio Rios"
*Live Broadcoast on CKUA radio if you can't come.

March 20, 2006

Austin to Grande Prairie?!

Austin was a riot! I had so much fun and the shows kicked complete ass. My favorite show was at the SIx Shooter/Mint Records Party at Headhunters. It was packed wall to wall with people and it was hot and sweaty. We played the heavy blues grooves and rocked the joint. Joby and Rick were solid...I was glad to not be alone on this venture. And my super star manager, THeresa Delicato, was also my faithful sidekick. She is the flyer queen! Be Aggressive! We lounged in our 1 1/2 star hotel and prepared for the days events while debating on why our pool was black instead of blue. We feasted on IHOP pancakes and had three lovely days of musical overlaod. Over 1300 bands and one city. Then on day 4 it was time of the stressful venture back to Alberta. My soft case had to go below because in Austin they don't do gate check. I cried. My baby had to go into the unknown in a soft case. Well, it arrived safe and sound thank the lord above. I would liek to write more but my 5 year old niece is patiently waiting for me ot read a book on wild horses. Ich muss jetzt rennen. Tschuss.

March 16, 2006

March 16, 2006

SXSW Music Conference
Austin, TX

5 pm-"Alberta Showcase" with Joby Baker (drums) & Rick May (bass)
Brush Square Park
Located at 5th & Neches St.

2 pm-"Hootenannay" w/ Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, and more...
Located at 720 Red River St.

March 11, 2006

March 11, 2006

International Women's Day
Hellenic Canadian Hall
10450-116 Street
Edmonton, AB
A few songs from Rachelle as well as Rocker Girls
2 pm

Musical Overload- Edmonton, AB

Flew in from Victoria to a wintery Edmonton. It was snowing like mad making the drive from the airport quite treacherous. I have missed Edmonton and it's harsh climate. The west has made me soft.
Last night was one of the most intense yet fun shows if my life. Sue Foley, Ellen McIlwaine, and myself on stage with Sue's KILLER band. At a few points I felt overwhelmed with it all but nevertheless pulled through by digging deep within my pentatonic soul. My amp and guitar combo did not like the room thus I had to keep my levels low. It was hard to hear but regardless I hung on for dear life like a dog gone through the ice. Ellen and Sue blew my mind with their chops. I felt so blessed to be on stage with these two. They have both lived and are living "the life". Music with its ups and downs 24/7. Sue has just put together a book called "Guitar Woman" featuring great players alive and passed. You can check out her website at www.guitarwoman.com. It truly is a remarkable lifestyle.
I am now trying to get my voice back before my show at 2 pm. I am playing for the International Women's Day with a band from the Caribbean and a few Rocker Girls. After this, time to woodshed for Austin. Gotta be dead on.

March 10, 2006

March 10, 2006

"Guitar Women"
Bonnie Doon Hall
9240 - 93 Street
Edmonton, AB
Rachelle van Zanten, Ellen McIlwaine, Sue Foley in concert!
Doors Open at 7:00 p.m. Show at 8:00 p.m.
$17 in advance $20 at the door
Tickets available at Tix On the Square and Megatunes
beginning January 30th.

March 4, 2006

Stiff Lattees and Sunshine

Had a really fun jam session with Joby last night. Set up the super sweet Gretsch kit that is very similar to a John Bonham style Ludwig. We grooved on blues stuff and straight up 4/4 just to get the groove back. I just got a vintage 20 Watt Crate tube amp that sounds super sweet with the old guitars.
It is sunny and I am currently listening to Chris Frye talk about his touring through Scandanavia. Sounds incredible. The Bills are doing so well and I am very proud of them. Soon they will be celebrating their 10th birthday. Ahhhh memories. I miss the Daisies. We were 11 when we went out seperate ways.
Okay, I have to practice now and experience the sun.

March 3, 2006

Guitar Woman

Guitar Woman is a book inspired by Sue Foley. Rachelle will be in it as well as sharing the stage with this talented woman.

March 2, 2006


My wrists are aching. 2 hours of trying to beat Joby at Nanosaur. I have never been a gamer but I found this to be great studio therapy! I am busy rehearsing for Guitar Women and SXSW. I have my first practice with the power trio of joby and rick tomorrow. Victoria is really mild compared to the north. I am still constantly chilled to the bone but it is more a wet cold. "Big Muff" used a litre of oil on the trip but is still running so well. i am happy to have one less worry. It is nice to be able to JUSt play the guitar all day and run my material. Big headache gone. Okay, time to ice the wrists.

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