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Rachelle Van Zanten

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February 26, 2008

Fatea Magazine (UK)- February 2008

"With a new album on the horizon, it was good fortune that someone recently slipped me a copy of Rachelle Van Zanten's debut album, "Back To Francois. Formerly in Painting Daisies, Rachelle struck out on a solo furrow despite knowing that female slide guitar players have to be twice the quality for half the recognition and that's before they say,'by the way I write and sing my own songs.' One song, "Half Pint", pays tribute to he bluegrass roots, but that apart this is totally underpined by blues. Van Zanten has set a bench mark for her next album and it's a high one. Personally I can't wait."

February 22, 2008

Canine verses Feline Tracks

I found large tracks up on my favorite snowshoeing trail. After googling track patterns, I have determined that a Gray Wolf, not a cougar, has been hanging out in my back yard.
It is a beautiful sunrise this morning and I am waiting for the coffee to be finished purcolating. I have a full day of taxes. Fun times. I must look over all of my records and account for every CD sold, gig played, band member payed, ect.
Mark Perry and I are playing two shows together during the second weekend in March!

February 13, 2008

Thanks James!

Wanted to say a special thanks to James Hay of Smithers for playing bass with G and I back in January. We couldn't have done the show without your low end so thanks for learning the songs in 24 hours!
I am busy busy busy getting the next touring dates packed with non stop whiskey ago go. I have been snowshoeing alot in order to get my rock six pack back in action. Not working so well but the bald eagles are pretty.
Mark Perry and I are playing a farewell concert on MArch 14th at the old hall at Francois Lake so if you are a local, come on out. Should be a splendid evening of home grown, northern music! My dog fell threw the ice today but he got out alive. It is +8c now which is so bizarre. A chinook as we say. Okay, gotta find a flight to the studio for the March recording.

February 3, 2008

Back to Business as Usual

It is back to business after a week of faffing about. It is now time for crucial panning so that this next year of rock and roll can be incredible, loud, and efficient. It was -28 c today and we had to enoculate 65 cows with Scourguard so that their babies wouldn't get sick. Then it was time to listen to rough mixes and think of brilliant audio candy ideas. What a life! I am currently learning how to occupy my mind while not in a moving vehicle. Poker is one of the solutions that seems to work. Hockey is another. Last year I took up knitting but if gave me tenitus...or was it tendonitus. Oh, yah that's it. Graham is back on British soil and is once again adjusting to the rapid change in temperature. I think he is currently remedying it with some fine English Ale and good company. I am slightly jealous as I sit, snowbound with dial up. Argh. Oh, look...it's time for "Wheel of Fortune". Gotta go.

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